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5 Myths You May Have Heard About Movers

MoversMoving can be a long and involved project, but hiring movers definitely makes the experience much easier. Clients are sometimes hesitant because of questions or concerns they have about hiring a moving company. It may ease your conscience to learn what myths about movers aren’t really true.

  • Myth #1: They’re dirty and sloppy. Just because we’re willing to do the heavy lifting doesn’t mean we aren’t careful and precise as we work.
  • Myth #2: They aren’t careful with your stuff. This is our job. We are here to help you keep everything safe and undamaged during your move.
  • Myth #3: You can’t trust them, and you need to watch everything they’re doing. Again, we do this for a living and have only the best of the best employees. We are at your home to do one job, and that is to make your life easier during a move.
  • Myth #4: You’ll pay the same amount regardless of which company you hire and what services they provide. You want to do your research when you’re choosing a moving company. Many companies will try to make their rate appear lower and more competitive, but will tack on all kinds of extra prices. Make sure you get an accurate quote for the entire cost of your move.
  • Myth #5: You need to come up with materials for the moving process. We use specific materials that are the best for moving. We don’t like using sub-par boxes, blankets, or other tools because we know what works best for keeping everything protected and safe during the move.

Now that we’ve been able to shine a little more light on our line of work, hopefully you’ll feel much more comfortable with hiring us to help you. We rely heavily on customer satisfaction and do whatever we can to make sure your experience with our movers is a good one.