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Relocation Conversations to Have With Your Employer

RelocationRelocation can come as a surprise and require a quick move, but be prepared with these tips for what to talk to your employer about if you’re asked to move for your job. Remember to negotiate throughout this process because they are asking you to pick up and move your life. While your Human Resource department may not always include a relocation package with your move, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk with your employer about some different options. Many companies will pay for part or even all of your move. At the least, you may get some discounts through your employer.

Here are some ideas for conversation starters about relocation with your employer:

  • What fees do you typically cover during the moving process? Movers? A moving truck? A house-hunting trip?
  • Since relocation is hard on my family and I, will we be allowed to officially move at the end of the school year? Will there be any help with temporary housing or travel back and forth?
  • I noticed there isn’t a relocation package included for my move; do you offer any compensation for moving?
  • I would be able to start for you sooner if I had professionals helping with my move. Is that something you can assist with?

Don’t hesitate to bring up relocation compensation with your employer. Having this conversation can save you a lot of money in the end, even if you just get a discount. Make sure to work out a plan that will be most advantageous to you and your family.