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Four Reasons You Might Not Want to Hire Movers


When you’re getting ready for your moving day, the first thing you may consider is whether you need to have movers assist with getting from your current location to your new destination. But how hard can it be, right? You don’t have that much stuff, and with a few extra boxes, you can manage it on your own. Here are four reasons you may not want to hire movers on your future moving date:

1.  You’re a One Person Show – When it comes to moving, you love the thrill of the chase. Can you get everything packed and moved on your own by the deadline? If you’re a one person show and you like it that way, then movers definitely aren’t for you.

2.  You Love Heavy Lifting – Do you enjoy trying to figure out how to get your bookcases, pool table, and dining room furniture through your front door and down to your truck? Do you enjoy the hard labor that comes with moving furniture all day long? Then hiring movers isn’t for you.

3.  Packing is Your Favorite Puzzle Game – Okay, so maybe you’ve been to the flea market for a few things, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pack up all your dishes and collectibles yourself. It’s like a fun game to see how creative you can get with your packing skills. Who needs movers for that?

4.  You’re Not Really Moving – You’ve been thinking about moving, but you just haven’t really committed yet. Maybe one day you’ll decide it’s time. No movers necessary for now.

At Glaser & Sons Mooving, we know that having a team of people to help with your move can make the whole process less stressful, less time-consuming, and go more smoothly than if you try to handle it all on your own. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get you to your new destination without any hassles!

5 Myths You May Have Heard About Movers

MoversMoving can be a long and involved project, but hiring movers definitely makes the experience much easier. Clients are sometimes hesitant because of questions or concerns they have about hiring a moving company. It may ease your conscience to learn what myths about movers aren’t really true.

  • Myth #1: They’re dirty and sloppy. Just because we’re willing to do the heavy lifting doesn’t mean we aren’t careful and precise as we work.
  • Myth #2: They aren’t careful with your stuff. This is our job. We are here to help you keep everything safe and undamaged during your move.
  • Myth #3: You can’t trust them, and you need to watch everything they’re doing. Again, we do this for a living and have only the best of the best employees. We are at your home to do one job, and that is to make your life easier during a move.
  • Myth #4: You’ll pay the same amount regardless of which company you hire and what services they provide. You want to do your research when you’re choosing a moving company. Many companies will try to make their rate appear lower and more competitive, but will tack on all kinds of extra prices. Make sure you get an accurate quote for the entire cost of your move.
  • Myth #5: You need to come up with materials for the moving process. We use specific materials that are the best for moving. We don’t like using sub-par boxes, blankets, or other tools because we know what works best for keeping everything protected and safe during the move.

Now that we’ve been able to shine a little more light on our line of work, hopefully you’ll feel much more comfortable with hiring us to help you. We rely heavily on customer satisfaction and do whatever we can to make sure your experience with our movers is a good one.

4 Things Our Movers Wish Everyone Knew

Movers in Greenville, South Carolina
Hiring movers is one of the best things you can do for your sanity during a move, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. If you plan on hiring our movers in the near future to help you out, there are a few things we want you to know beforehand:

  • Get all your packing done–Before our movers arrive to help, make sure all of your belongings are packed and ready to go. If you need to finish packing after we arrive, this will delay things and make you unnecessarily stressed. Having everything packed up and ready also helps us come up with a plan for getting your belongings in the truck as quickly as possible.
  • Let us put our experience to work–Although we always value your input, our movers have experience handling moves of all sizes. After we arrive, trust us to do our job, and we are confident your move will go smoothly.
  • Label your boxes–Thoroughly labeling your boxes helps us know where to put them after we unload the truck at your new place. It also helps you figure out a plan of attack after you’ve moved all of your belongings to your new home.
  • Help us with logistics–Before the day of the move, let us know where we should park the truck, the best way to access your home, and if there are any limitations on parking.
  • Don’t disappear –– We want you around on the day of the move to answer our questions and to oversee the process. By working together, we’re confident that your upcoming move will go better than expected.

Important Qualities Professional Movers Possess

MoversWhen you are getting ready for a big residential or commercial move, you will have a lot of questions to answer, processes to think through, and plans to make to ensure a successful, nearly painless experience.  For example, you may be wondering who is going to do the heavy lifting, who is going to pack everything safely, and what to do with anything that is no longer relevant to your home or business.  After all, do you really want to move that box of junk, only to sort it in your new location?  Why not get rid of it before you transition into your new space?

While you may be toying with the idea of calling on your friends, family members or employees to assist in achieving a successful move, there are some very valid reasons to dismiss it now.  Some of the most convincing reasons include a high risk of personal injury and an even higher risk of lower-quality relationships should items be damaged, lost or ruined.  Thankfully, there is a way to safely and securely move your entire home or business, one that is low-stress and will provide you with the easiest move you’ve ever made.  This is through hiring professional movers to help you get the job done.

As you search for the best movers to assist you on your big day, here are some key characteristics of trustworthy moving companies to watch for:

  • Dedicated Customer Service: When you hire us as your movers, we promise to provide you with the highest in quality customer service.  This means that we will be on-time, listen to any concerns or special instructions that you have for us, and provide you with a positive moving experience.
  • Effective and Careful: Our movers have over 23 years of experience, which means we know how to effectively move you from one space to the next.  We will carefully pack up your most valuable possessions, transport them safely to your new destination and help you complete your move in the timeframe that you have set.
  • Reliable, Responsible and Experienced: When we say that we take good care of you and your possessions, we mean it.  We keep track of all your items, providing you with a checklist at the end of the move.  We will even help you to dispose of those irrelevant items, reducing your stress levels even more.

When you want the best movers in town, call on us at Glaser & Sons Mooving.  We’ll get you from point A to point B without delay when you contact us today.

The Benefits of Going Local When Hiring Movers

When you’re ready to move, you’ll likely have a long list of movers you can give your business to who will help you get the job done. People have realized the convenience of hiring professional movers is worth the cost, so moving companies are popping up all over the country. Hiring a professional mover saves you worry, hassle, and back-breaking labor and makes your move a much less stressful experience overall. With so many options, it’s hard to know which moving company is right for you. We encourage you to go local to the Greenville & Charleston, SC area and hire our team at Glaser & Sons Mooving to get your job done right.

At Glaser & Sons Mooving, we offer military discounts. We know a lot of our local residents work for the military and are frequently moving their families across the country and across the world to serve our country. We want to honor your service and express our appreciation by offering you discounted moving services.

We also encourage you to donate to our local Goodwill. We can donate any furniture you don’t want to move to your new home to Goodwill or directly to families whose homes have been damaged by fire.

As locals of Greenville & Charleston, SC we are familiar with the area and will be able to get your belongings from point A to point B efficiently and safely. You can also have the assurance that we are trustworthy and will handle your belonging with care. If any issues come up with your move, you know right where to find us. Glaser & Sons Mooving is a family company, and we pride ourselves on offering superior service and contributing to our local community. We hope you’ll choose us as your movers to help you with your next move.

Advice from Your Movers: How to Clean Out Your Closet Before Moving

MoversAs movers, we realize that moving usually isn’t very much fun. However, with a little preparation, you can make a smooth transition to your next home. If you’ve been getting ready to move, but still need to clean out your closet, here are a few things we recommend doing:

  • Take everything out—Although this may seem counterproductive, taking everything out of your closet and laying out in your bedroom will make things much easier. After you have everything out of your closet, you’ll be able to get a better feel for what’s in your closet and what you should pack.
  • Make a donation pile—As movers, we recognize that moving is a great time to clear out your things and make donations. As you sort through what’s in your closet, decide what you want to donate and what you want to take with you to your new home.
  • Use the one-year rule—While you go through your clothes, it can be hard to get rid of old pieces because you never know when you might need them again. However, if you haven’t worn something in over a year, chances are you won’t ever wear it again.

If you’d like more tips for the moving process or you’d like to find out more about why you should work with a team of professional movers as you pack up your house and take things to your new place, contact us at Glaser & Sons Mooving. We’re ready and waiting to help you out!