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Advice from Your Moving Company: How to Make Packing Easier

Moving CompanyAs a moving company, one thing we hear from our clients time and time again is how much they dread packing up their belongings. Since our moving company is here to make life easier, here are some helpful packing tips to use if you’re on the brink of a move:

  • Use clear plastic bins —When you’re packing, put the things you’ll need FIRST once you get to your new home in clear plastic bins so you can find them easily. Doing this is good for things like toilet paper, essential kitchen gadgets, trash bags, towels, and anything you’re going to need during those first few days.
  • Stack plates vertically — As a moving company, we see people pack their plates and bowls horizontally in boxes all the time, and this process usually leads to one or two casualties. To keep your plates and bowls from breaking in your move, stack them vertically in boxes, like records.
  • Cover drawers in plastic wrap — Instead of unpacking all of your dresser drawers, cover the tops with plastic wrap before you move. This way, you can leave things exactly as you left them without having to pack and unpack all of your drawers.
  • Keep sandwich bags handy — As you take apart furniture and things with screws and hardware, place the contents in small plastic sandwich bags. Then, label them and tape them to the back of the item they correspond to.

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